NanoShield Paint protection film

NANOSHIELD is a cutting-edge paint protection film (PPF) that blends the superior hydrophobic qualities of a ceramic coating with high-quality, self-healing paint protection. This innovative dual-function design ensures your vehicle’s finish looks as if it rarely encounters the rigors of the road, thanks to its remarkable protective features.

NANOSHIELD is robust enough to withstand the impacts of flying gravel, salt, and grit. Its self-healing properties ensure that scratches and blemishes disappear, maintaining the car’s pristine appearance. The film’s exceptionally clear finish provides a deep gloss without the undesirable orange peel effect often seen in other products. This pioneering PPF incorporates advanced SupraShield™ protective resin system technology, a trusted choice among some OEMs for their vehicle finishes, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness in preserving paint quality.

NANOSHIELD offers a range of paint protection films (PPF) to cater to various needs and preferences in vehicle protection and aesthetics. The primary types of NANOSHIELD films include:

  1. NANOSHIELD Clear: This is a standard, high-quality transparent PPF that provides robust protection against scratches, chips, and environmental elements while maintaining the original look of the vehicle’s paint.
  2. NANOSHIELD Matte: Designed to give vehicles a modern, matte finish, this film not only protects the paint from damage but also transforms the appearance of the car with its stylish, non-glossy look.
  3. NANOSHIELD Satin: Offering a balance between matte and glossy, the Satin film adds a subtle elegance with its satin finish. It delivers the same high level of protection as other NANOSHIELD films while providing a unique aesthetic.
  4. NANOSHIELD PremiumPlus: This is a premium option in the NANOSHIELD line, offering advanced protection with enhanced durability and self-healing properties. It’s ideal for those seeking the highest level of paint protection.
  5. NANOSHIELD Black: Specifically designed for those wanting to add a bold, black finish to their vehicle, this film not only offers protection but also significantly alters the car’s appearance with a deep, rich black color.

Each type of NANOSHIELD film is engineered to provide exceptional paint protection while catering to different style preferences and protective needs.